5 Ways to Brew Coffee at Home

5 Ways to Brew Coffee at Home

Did you know that only 45% of Americans used traditional drip coffee makers to brew their morning cup o’ joe in 2019?

With a new era of exciting, progressive coffee brewing methods available for at-home usage, coffee enthusiasts have more access to craft coffee now than ever before.

Here are five of the most popular ways to brew coffee at home in 2020:

1. Espresso Machine

An espresso machine is an excellent investment for coffee enthusiasts who are looking to branch out beyond traditional black coffee and are eager to try new things.

Espresso machines can be as simple or complex as you would like. Small, portable espresso makers are quick and convenient to use for a shot of espresso. Automatic espresso machines offer the functionality to make lattes, cappuccinos, and other craft drinks with ease.

Grind Required: A very fine grind is ideal for making a quality shot of espresso.

Skill Level: A moderate skill level is required to operate an espresso machine depending on the complexity of the brand of machine that you purchase.

Taste: An espresso shot has a bold, robust flavor. To tone down the flavor of your shots, add them to a cup of hot water to make an americano, steamed milk to make a latte, or milk foam to create a macchiato.

Price Range: $50 to $2000 depending on the quality and functionality of the machine you would like to purchase.

Elevate Roast: Pair your espresso machine with Elevate’s Espresso 2.0 roast.

2. Chemex

A Chemex is an elegant option for brewing pour-over coffee at home. With a bit of practice, the Chemex offers coffee aficionados with a pure, balanced, and flavorful cup of coffee.

The Chemex is a heat-resistant, hourglass-shaped glass flask that doubles as a carafe. The brewing process occurs when hot water is poured over the coffee grounds in a thick, cone-shaped paper filter. Pour the coffee straight from the Chemex into a cup and enjoy the delicious taste!

Grind Required: The Chemex requires the use of a medium to coarse grind.

Skill Level: A moderate skill level is required to operate a Chemex. It takes a bit of practice to find the right coffee grind, water flow, and water temperatures.

Taste: A Chemex creates a thick, flavorful cup of coffee. Experimenting with different variables during the Chemex brewing process can bring out different flavor notes in each coffee blend.

Price Range: $30 - $40, plus the recurring cost of filters.

Elevate Roast: Pair your Chemex with Elevate’s Ethiopian roast.

3. French Press

Since 1929, the French Press has been one of the simplest and most affordable ways to brew delicious, flavorful coffee.

This brewing method soaks and steeps coffee grinds in hot water, infusing each cup of coffee with rich, complex flavor.

Grind Required: A thick, coarse grind is necessary to use in your French Press to ensure your coffee isn’t grainy.

Skill Level: A beginner skill level is required to operate a French Press. A French Press is easy to use, as long as you can track the time and press the lever after four minutes.

Taste: A French Press offers one of the richest and most robust flavor profiles of any at-home coffee brewing method.

Price Range: Most French Press coffee makers cost $20 - $50.

Elevate Roast: Pair your French Press with Elevate’s Colombian roast.

4. Aeropress

The Aeropress is a relatively new coffee brewing method that is convenient to use, easy to clean, and makes excellent coffee. It is also extremely portable and is popular among travelers.

The Aeropress is a three-piece plastic brewing system that uses air pressure to push water through the coffee grounds and filter into a cup. The Aeropress makes one cup of coffee at a time, so it’s best for individual use.

Grind Required: A fine to medium grind is preferable to use with the Aeropress.

Skill Level: A beginner skill level is required to operate an Aeropress. Once you learn how the Aeropress works, it is relatively easy to operate.

Taste: An Aeropress creates a smooth, rich coffee, but unlike the French Press, the resulting brew is clean and pure.

Price Range: An Aeropress usually costs around $30.

Elevate Roast: Pair your Aeropress with Elevate’s Guatemalan roast.

5. Keurig

A Keurig machine is an excellent investment if you are interested in an automated, easy-to-use coffee brewing method.

Keurig machines make one cup of coffee at a time with the touch of a button. They are great for use in homes, workspaces, and businesses because they are mess-free and incredibly convenient.

Grind Required: A Keurig requires the purchase of K-Cups. K-Cups are individual plastic pods filled with coffee that are inserted into the Keurig machine.

Skill Level: A beginner skill level is required to operate a Keurig because the Keurig does all the work for you! All you have to do is fill the water chamber, insert the K-Cup, and press a button.

Taste: With hundreds of K-Cups to choose from, Keurig coffee provides a wide variety of flavors for coffee drinkers to choose from.

Price Range: The average price for a Keurig is $150.

Elevate Roast: Try Elevate’s Rude Awakening K-Cup Coffee in your Keurig brewing machine.

Ready to Brew?

So, have you discovered your new favorite way to brew coffee at home?

If you’re ready to brew, but are looking for some locally-roasted beans with high-quality taste to take your coffee to the next level, we’ve got you covered.

Shop Elevate whole bean coffee to have unique Elevate blends, single-origin coffees, and delicious espresso roasts shipped straight to your doorstep!


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