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A Staff That Cares

We Don't Just Serve Coffee, We Serve People

The Birth of Elevate

In 2009, a few bright minds got together and thought: "What if we could create a space that has both great coffee & great community?"

…and through that idea, Elevate Coffee Company was born.

That's why every time you walk into Elevate, you are greeted as a friend, served quality food and drink, and walk out with a smile.

Focused on Quality

Elevate first focuses on our quality: crafting drinks that are consistently satisfying, and food that is delicious. We roast all our coffee in-house, ensuring only the freshest espresso and most delicious roasts are served to our customers each day. We use only quality ingredients in crafting our products in order to maintain the same delicious tastes those who come to Elevate know and love.


But what's good coffee without good company? Elevate creates an open, welcoming space that encourages people loving people, whether that be our baristas, business owners, teachers, managers, pastors, moms, or coffee lovers. We'll greet you in, and we hope you'll stay. Maybe you'll even make a friend or two along the way.


And good people lead to good ideas. That's why we choose to give back. At Elevate, 10 cents from every latte you purchase is donated to Water 4 Kids International, a non-profit committed to providing safe water for children in Africa.

Our Promise

That's why you can walk out the doors of our store feeling even better than when you walked in… because you have been inspired to chase down an idea, pursue a dream, or be better person.

We are serving more than just coffee. We are serving quality, creativity & community.