Events that are more like fun get togethers

Live Music and Other Phoenix Events at Elevate

At Elevate, we do not limit ourselves to coffee. We love to gather our Phoenix community for events that are more like fun get-togethers.

We host three types of events at Elevate Coffee: live music nights, holiday events, and community events.


Enjoy Live Music

Since 2010, Elevate has featured live music from local, regional, and nationally acclaimed musicians. From smooth jazz to coffee house acoustic, there is a genre to please every musical taste.

Join us on Fridays and Saturdays at 7 PM to enjoy live music nights at Elevate Coffee.

Celebrate the Holidays with Elevate

Join us for Santa Saturdays during the Christmas season. Receive a free professional photo of your children with Santa while you enjoy a warm, delicious drink.

Order world-famous Rock Springs pies for Thanksgiving. Pick up your pies directly from Elevate to enjoy with your family.


Join our Community

We love to show our customers and community how much we care. That’s why each year, we host events that give back.

Celebrate Elevate’s birthday during the first week of October and receive 50% off all drinks.

Participate in Walk 4 Water Norterra, the annual 3-mile walk that raises money to drill deepwater wells in third world countries.


Will Elevate Host My Event?

Elevate has several options for hosting your event:

  1. If you would like to bring Elevate to your next event, reserve our mobile espresso & coffee cart online.
  2. To host an event at Elevate, reserve our Norterra Room online.
  3. For special requests, please contact us at